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or Hanukkah (which means dedication)

(John 10:22-23)

The Festival of Dedication begins on Sundown Nov. 28th and is celebrated for eight nights.  Although This Festival is not an appointed time of YHVH it is a great time to learn more about our Hebrew heritage.  The history of this event in Israel was recorded in the book of 1 Maccabee and was in the 1611 KJV Scripture until it was removed. Because of its removal most are unfamiliar with the history that occurred between Malachi and Matthew.  This Festival is a great time to fill in those gaps. 

This Festival is not about the legend of oil being multiplied at the rededication of the temple but there are many truths and lessons that families can learn about our history here.  This Festival is also not a replacement for the Christ-mass but in its nature is the very opposite.  It is the celebration of the overcoming of a "type" of the anti-messiah Antiochus Epiphanes IV who desecrated the Temple but he and his army was put down by the priestly Maccabees.

Consider getting a menorah and lighting a candle each night and having family devotions with some of the lessons found in the Book of 1 Maccabees, cook special meals and let the Set-apart Spirit lead you.  For some who are coming out of Christ-mass after learning of it's origins, this is a great way to refocus our children on a lost part of the history of Israel during this time of year and a reminder to keep "our" temple dedicated  to YHVH.

Check out the link to a fun Hanukkah song that helps us learn this history on our resource page.


We will have a Hanukkah fellowship after the Sabbath service on Dec. 4th for those who would like to join in.  Bring your own favorite party food for your family.  We will provide the punch.

We are monitoring current events so check back to be sure this event is still scheduled.

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