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Our Leaders

Both Marc and Susan are originally from Lebanon, TN where they have been called by YHVH to serve in their hometown.  They have been given the promise of Isaiah 29:17,  "In a very short time, will not Lebanon be turned into a fertile field...".  Marc and Susan married in 1996, like to take long walks holding hands, and enjoy life together with their precious daughter Anna. 

Marc carries a powerful apostolic breaker anointing that God uses to blast through the spirit of religion that holds many back from their spiritual destiny. He teaches the truth without compromise and is mightily used through prophetic dreams and dream interpretation. Marc is also anointed to be a father in the faith to help the body of Messiah grow up into spiritual maturity.

Susan carries a strong prophetic mantle as a psalmist and has received many prophetic encounters in the Spirit. Because of this, she is a powerful revelatory teacher who doesn't just teach truth - but imparts it. The songs Set apart Spirit inspires her to write are powerful weapons in the hands of the body of Messiah for these days.  Her music is available on her SoundCloud channel.

Other Leaders

Daniel Leonard serves as an elder on our leadership team. He and his wife Barbara have served alongside Marc and Susan in ministry for over twenty years. 

Our History

After leading a local congregation for 10 years together YHVH led Marc and Susan to establish a previous ministry called Hunters Point Celebration Center in 2007.  In 2019 Father began to speak to them about restructuring the ministry to be realigned solely under the Kingdom of YHVH'S authority.  As a result, in 2021 the leadership team agreed to restructure and rename the ministry as Covenant Celebration.  We are no longer a 501-C3 and now simply operate as a non-profit ministry in our state.